Little Gatherings Books are HERE!!!!

11 of the little quilts that will be in the Little Gatherings Book out in August

The day has arrived that we have all been looking forward too!  The Little Gatherings Book has made its debut.  They are amazingly packaged in an 82 page small spiral bound book, that will make it easy to keep the book open and ready to create!


The Little Gatherings book will cover everything you need to know about making miniature quilts.  Starting with the basic tools that are recommend such as your pins, thread and triangle papers, to fabric preparation and pressing techniques.

We will be making kits for all of the Little Quilts that you see in the book, AND we will be doing a Little Quilts Block (Quilt) of the Month with them as well.  We have all of the quilts up on our website to order your kits if you would like to order them individually.  If you would like to commit to making all 12 quilts that are in the Little Gatherings Book, the Block (Quilt) of the Month is a great way to start…..and in thanks for committing to do all 12 of the quilts we have priced it so that it is like getting one Little Quilt for free!

All of the quilts are made with Lisa’s New Fabric Line with MODA called Miniature Gatherings. We are sitting on the edge of our seats to receive the fabric into the warehouse.  We are told that it should be here by the beginning of next week! EEEEKK!!! Are you just as excited as we are??  Which means that you can place your order for the kits we will be able to get them out to you in about a week and a half.  If you are local and would like to purchase the kits individual please know that we will not have them in the Shop until the 19th.

We hope you have as much fun creating these quilts as we did in making them!  They are great to give as gifts, hang on your walls or use on tables.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


6 thoughts on “Little Gatherings Books are HERE!!!!

  1. I’m so excited hopefully mine arrives before the weekend so I have the 3 day weekend to enjoy it and test out a quilt!

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