WHAT???? Summer is over???

How was everyone’s last weekend of the Summer? Can you believe that we are already into September?  We are going into my favorite time of the year, but I still can’t believe that they Summer is over with!  We hope you all had a wonderful weekend and had a beautiful Summer as well.


Just a few things that I need to get out there…..

For those of you that are doing our Summer Blocks of the Week, we are in the process of getting those all out to you.  It is going to take us a bit longer than a week to get those out to you. We are dying wool 24/7 trying to get all of it dyed to finish all those Border Wools, but dying hundreds of yards of Christmas, Sage, Clover and all those other colors is taking a bit of time.  We did get about 200 of those out this weekend along with all the Cotton SBOWs, so those of you in Wool only please be patient with us we will get those out to you as soon as we possibly can, along with your Freebie Finishing kits and Backing Fabrics for those of you that ordered it.


One key note:  If you were in the SBOW Summer Breeze, if you pre-paid for your SBOW, you did not pre-pay for your Finishing Kit ($40, Sashings and Border fabric not yet put on the quilt below) if you ordered one.  We did not charge you at the time that we charged the Blocks, just incase you ended up needing less of the Border fabric than we thought you did.  We wanted to make sure you had exactly what you would need and not have an excess.  Thank you for understanding.


If you did not get into our Summer Block of the Week: Somewhere In Time we are going to be doing it as a Block of the Month starting in October 2015.  Sign up today to ensure your spot in this beautiful quilt!


As always the quilt is absolutely SPECTACULAR, and Linda Hrchka of the Quilted Pineapple has it in her very capable hands and we can not wait to see what she does with this quilt!!

We also received in our Shop Sample Kit for Latimer Farms by Paula Barnes and Marcus Fabrics.  This is going to be such an amazing Block of the Month program starting in January of 2016.  I love the setting on this quilt!  So different and I love all the blues and variety of blocks through out the quilt.  IMG_2056

Sign up as soon as you can, I see this BOM filling up fast.  We only ordered for a certain amount of kits, so once it is full it is full.  Here is just a sampling of some of the fabrics that are in this kit!  They are beautiful aren’t they??IMG_2185IMG_2186

I am off to do the Madison Quilt Show this weekend and then on to the AQS Show in Chattanooga, Tennessee next weekend!  Hope to see some of you there! Stop by and say hi!

Happy Sewing!


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

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