Village Green Block of the Month is Ready!

Village Green BOM
                                                                             Village Green BOM $20/Month for 10 Months

We have Village Green all laid down and ready to be stitched.  Lisa is going to be doing the stitching, I can’t wait to see what she does with it all.  Village Green is approximately 53×55 when finished with out the Sawtooth Border and will start in September 2015 at the Wisconsin Location.  We will be doing the quilt on 4 different Flannels from Lisa’s Wool and Needle Flannel Lines. As you can see in the pictures we do not have the Sawtooth Border on it, but that WILL be in your kit at the end of the 10 months; for obvious reasons it is not on there now.  The Sawtooth Border will be wool.  We know that some of you might already have the pattern since it has been out for a couple of months, so you will need to purchase the pattern separately ($28) if you do not already have it.

Thread Kit
                                                                                Thread Kit $86.00

The cost of the program will be $20/month for 10 months, we also have a full thread kit available for $86.  As always you are receiving a break in the thread cost if you are purchase a kit.  If you would like to purchase the threads separately because you have several, we have a list on the Sign Up page of all the ones that we are using so that you are able to order accordingly.


Hope you all like! It was so much fun to put together……kinda wish I was the one stitching it!

Have a wonderful rest of your week,


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

4 thoughts on “Village Green Block of the Month is Ready!

  1. Jessica, I received my order but I ordered the whole kit of village green I just got the pattern, also I paid for the kit for to plant a tulip, and will pay for finishing kit when ready. Let me know if im wrong.
    gean armour

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