Always looking for some way to store your Jellyroll’s???

Fabric Strip Case measures  3" highs 23.25" long and 3.25" wide.
                                     Fabric Strip Case measures 3″ highs 23.25″ long and 3.25″ wide.

There is the most amazing NEW storage case out there for jellyrolls! Its ingenious!  A jellyroll fits perfectly inside of the container, there is no bunching and scrunching involved!  It also has 2 adjustable “stoppers”  that will hold your fabric in place for when you transport the container from place to place.  The Fabric Strip Case will hold at least 3 full Jellyrolls, we have one complete Cold Spell Jellyroll shown in the container now.

Adjustable Stopper
                                                                         Adjustable Stopper

It is absolutely beautiful outside right now! Got the doors open in the Studio…..brainstorming some new ideas!

Have a wonderful day,


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

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