Getting started…..

Ever wonder how Lisa does all of her small accurate piecing?? Thinking “there is no way I can do anything that small?” Now I am not saying that it’s a piece of cake, because it does take patience and time, but by adding a few extra steps to your process before you cut will ensure that you can make your piecing life easier!! Lisa in conjunction with The Fat Quarter Shop, has made a great YouTube Video on Starching and getting started with your project. 

Lisa starts every project by starching each and every piece of fabric she is using, whether she is using flannel or cotton. You can never over starch your fabric, you want it to be stiff when running it thru the machine. Trust us, you can’t over starch your fabric!! Just watch the video!! The starching allows for accurate cutting and piecing. It is also taking the place of pre-washing your fabrics which we do not do. Now you want to do your starching at least a day or several hours ahead allowing time for your pieces to air dry.  By letting your pieces air dry you are allowing the starch to “set” better and make the fabric stiffer than if you were to use the iron. I know, I know, sometimes you just want to get started on that quilt right away, but believe me it is worth you time to prepare your fabric and let it sit!! It will help you in the long run……I promise! 
Lastly, Lisa sings the praises of her Rowenta Steam Station. This beauty allows for a continuous hour and a half of steam use. Heats up and is ready to go in 3 minutes flat! It has a precision tip for pressing your seams open and has a 6ft long steam cord!!!! We love this iron so much and believe you will too! We have a few available and are offering a $100 discount on the iron until May 18, 2015.

We are hoping that you are enjoying these videos!! They were fun to make and have a few more on the way.

Happy Starching! 


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop


One thought on “Getting started…..

  1. Loved the blogs checked most of them out now I can have Lisa sitting next to my machine whenever I need her 😍

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