Twister FUN!!! 

Have you ever wanted to create these fun little twister projects but have been too intimidated to try???  Lisa has partnered with The Fat Quarter Shop to do a great tutorial on YouTube to help you along your way!!   Lisa’s YouTube video shows you all the ins and outs to make sure your project turns out perfectly!! There are helpful hints on how to piece accurately, the correct way to press your seams and how to cut your twister carefully!

You are first going to want to start with your Twister or Pinwheel selection, you can do anything from the smallests Pinwheel tool which uses the 2.5″ mini charms to the Large Twister which uses Layer Cakes. There is a wide variety of Pre-Cuts available depending on which Twister or Pinwheel project you would like to do.  

Below I am going to show you the tools and products that you will need to create the project Lisa is making in this video. Lisa has used the Snowman Gatherings II line of fabric, and your in LUCK, all of our Pre-Cuts for this line are 20% off! You will also need to select a 1/2 yard of fabric for your border.

You will then need to have your pattern and tool ready. Lisa is doing this tutorial with the Itty Bitty Pinwheel pattern and template. 

After sewing and pressing your project, you will need to start cutting. Lisa uses the 18mm Rotary Cutter. You do not want to over rotate your cutters so this one does the job perfectly! 

Let us know how you enjoyed the tutorial. We will be doing a give away of the 18mm Rotary Cutter AND the Itty Bitty Pinwheel and Template to our favorite comment. 

Happy sewing, 
Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop


9 thoughts on “Twister FUN!!! 

  1. What a fun project with your detailed but quick video on the bitty pinwheel. My colors, too & I am always delighted when I get to work with your bitty prints.I LOVE bitty piecing and found more of your past videos after viewing the pinwheel one. Than you for offering this mini workshop. It is always easier for me when I see what to do along with accompanying instructions. Thank you, too, for offering the giveaway and for all of your educational videos.

  2. Finally an opportunity to use that tiny rotary cutter! I can see I will need to get a manicure too! Nice video–thanks!

  3. Oh my! I didn’t know Lisa had started making videos, but I do remember the post saying there would be some. I watched the one you gave the link to and two others on working with small pieces and binding. I’ll have to go back later and catch at least one more that I saw on making sleeves. Maybe more?? This is like having a class from ‘our’ Lisa right at home. Thanks for the visuals… especially for the diagonal binding joins. No more tape measuring the 2 inches for me. Just put a pin in! Have a great spring there in Wisconsin.

  4. I am so excited to make a twister quilt. They looked intimidating but not after watch the video. Now I think that even I can make one of these. I really enjoy all the videos that Lisa has made. All of them are very useful and make quilting so much more fun.

  5. I can totally understand how helpful that small rotary cutter would be for this little project. I’ve always wanted to attempt this technique and it looks very doable now! Thanks for all the helpful information! Love it!

  6. Watching the youtube videos is like having Lisa by your side. Very helpful to see how she does the twister quilt. I also watched Lisa’s other videos. I hope you do more!!! Thank you.

  7. Keep the videos coming they are really inspiring and helpful. Why didn’t I think to use the small rotary cutter to rough cut around the traced objects. Duh. Thanks Lisa.

  8. This Itty Bitty pinwheel video is just like being in class with Lisa! She makes the stitching seem very easy and gives you the confidence to try it! I have this kit and have been a bit intimidated by the small pieces, but after watching the video, I can do this! We can quilt!

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