Piece and Comfort Challenge

I said I was not going to show you all the quilt until the beginning of the voting but I am so happy with how it all turned out that I can’t wait!!! Val in Las Vegas did an amazing job for me!! I just need to come up with a name for the quilt!! Any suggestions would be appreciated! 🙂 

Hope you all enjoy it! And if you haven’t joined in in the Piece and Comfort Challenge please join in!! 



24 thoughts on “Piece and Comfort Challenge

  1. Love it Jess. Great job. I was hoping I would see you at the Georgia Sewing and quilt expo this week. I just realized recently that PG is not on the vendor list. Darn!! I even have some Marlowes free appetizer coupons I was saving for you.

    1. Awe man!!!! I love the Hummus there too!!!! Thank you so much for thinking about us!!! Hopefully soon we will be back down that way!! Make sure to come see us in Chattanooga in September!!!

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