March 2nd Coupon! Cont…

Well I guess the SURPRISE is on me! I looked at all the coupons and my eyes apparently went right over the next coupon!!! I apologize!!! So how about 25% off a wool kit today AND 25% off a wool kit March 3-31??? You can get the first one finished that you ordered on the 2nd and then order at the end of the month for another one!! 

I apologize for the mistake! Hope you all enjoy the coupon though!

Thanks so much for understanding, have a wonderful Monday! 


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop


4 thoughts on “March 2nd Coupon! Cont…

  1. LOL Glad to know I’m not the only person who does those kind of oopsies, but I for one am glad you did πŸ™‚ Now I get to get another one this month and use my b-day coupon, (it’s like the triple crown πŸ™‚ )Thanks Jessica! Oh btw did I miss the posting of who won the 2014 winners or do you know when they are going to draw names for the 2014 coupon holders? I realize everyone has been super busy with the holidays and new store opening

  2. Lisa, please be advised I gifted one of my coupon books to my daughter, Kyla Wilson. Would it be possible to add her to your email notices about the offers using the coupon book? Thank you so much! Donna

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