First Coupon of the New Year!! 2015

We hope all of you have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve!! I am going to dinner with friends and then going home….it’s been a long and fun past few weeks…but I am ready to ring in the New Year snuggled under a blanket on the couch this year!

Starting January 1-13 all of you who received a Coupon Book during our Christmas Gathering event durning Thanksgiving and for those of you who bought one will be able to take advantage of the first coupon! This Coupon entitles you to receive pre-cut fat quarters for just $1.75!! That’s like getting a yard of fabric for $7 (but obviously getting 4 different colors/prints!!!).

Now unfortunately this coupon is a little harder for Online purchasing as you will only be able to pick the color and quantity that you would like and not the exact print…but really is there any ugly fabric?? Trust us, we will find you some good ones to help you build up your stash.

For those of you who haven’t done this Coupon Book before or for just a refresher here is how this Coupon will Work….please place your Coupon Book Number AND Code Word into the Comment Section when you check out. Without BOTH of these things we can not process your order with a discount. We will take the discount off when we ship your items.

Thank you! Happy New Year!!
Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop



3 thoughts on “First Coupon of the New Year!! 2015

  1. How do I go about purchasing the coupon book?
    How many FG are you allowed to purchase at this price?
    I did your pillows of the month last year, hopefully will get more done this year & use as gifts in2015😃
    Ellen Turner

  2. Do not understand coupon book. Trying to order something from you is not easy but will say I get two BOM and enjoy them and visiting your shop in Sept.was enjoyable

    Sent from my iPad


  3. It is super easy to shop on your site. Just click into ” start shopping” or click the “open menu” on the upper right of the home page and select “shop”. The coupon book is in the “new” items”. Once in “new items” it is several items down from the top currently on the first page. Or you can use the search bar and type in 2015 coupon books. It will show up! To use the book, just follow Jessica’s instructions in this post.

    Thank you Jessica for all your help and useful posts throughout the year. Thank you to all the staff at Primitive Gatherings for all your help this year. Happy New Year to all!

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