12 Days of Christmas


Just a reminder that EVERY TIME you purchase from the 12 Days of Christmas, if you want us to hold it for future orders of the 12 Days of Christmas you need to tell us in the comment section. If we do not see that in the comment section we will ship the items if we have them in stock.

Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy all the NEW items we have on this event. I think Lisa has some amazing ones of here!!

Thank you,
Primitive Gatherings

4 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas

  1. I have already ordered some things. I would like everything held until the 12 Days of Christmas is done. Thank you, Linda Hanley

  2. Lisa . . . I’m so looking forward to your 12 Days of Christmas! Your blog is my favorite! Also excited that today is our 30th Wedding Anniversary . . . I love you my dear husband for overlooking my fabric addiction :o)

    Thanks Lisa & your talented staff for keeping all us quilters & stitchers doing what we love to do with your amazing patterns & fabric/wool! We love you!

    You & your family are also in my prayers during this time of year . . . Lisa, you are blessed with such a great husband & wonderful sons . . . It’s been an honor to get to meet you all at the different shows around California! Hope you come out here a little more often to warm up your bones . . . we’d love to see you!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all,

    Laura Lynch
    Orange, CA

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