SUPRISE coupon for ALL Coupon Book holders! Monday August 25 ONLY

This is our last surprise Coupon for the year, can you believe that the year is almost done?? 4 months till Christmas!!! So this could be a job start on your Christmas Shopping!! We are going to be doing 20% off one wool kit that has a wool background. This means anything that is wool on wool, which means that you should be safe to order any wool mat that we have on our website. We are excluding the Winter, Summer and Flower Crazy mat for this sale. If you have any questions if something is excluded please email us or call us at the Shop and we will be happy to help you…..just a reminder this is for Monday only, also make sure that in the comment section you let us know your Coupon Book number and the Code Word so that you are able to receive the discount. Wool Kits

Have a wonderful day! Happy stitching!!
Primitive Gatherings


9 thoughts on “SUPRISE coupon for ALL Coupon Book holders! Monday August 25 ONLY

  1. Thank you 20% off what a great sale!!!! Do you realize how hard it was to narrow it down to one item LOL I ended up choosing the autumn’s glory table mat! Only after I called the shop twice to ask questions lol

      1. Thanks!!! In my opinion I can’t go wrong with one of your kits, I have never been disappointed 🙂 Oh by the way when I ordered there was a hiccup on the website, some how it wouldn’t let me enter my card info! I called the shop right away to let them know and they are taking care of it. I can just imagine how many people are shopping away on your site, no wonder it has hiccups. Thanks to the shop ladies for handling my 2 question calls and my one panic call, I really mean it when I say they handle each call in a way that makes me think I’m the only customer who ever asks “that” question. Haaa haaa haaa we all know they answer it a LOT…

  2. I would have ordered the Autumn’s Glory Table Mat if I had a Coupon Book; however, I don’t know how to get a Coupon Book. Can you please let me know? Thanks!

    1. The coupon books are given away free during our Christmas open house after thanksgiving. We have great specials that run all year long in the coupon book…if you didn’t get a coupon book free, you can purchase them online under the NEW category for 10 bucks…there are still a bunch of good coupons left to get your money back if you wish…but be sure to go online during the weekend of Thanksgiving 2014 and you will get a bunch of goodies..not only a coupon book…LB

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