How Does Your Garden Grow??


We do have some spots left in this block of the month if you are interested, it is starting next month so make sure you get in on it soon!! How Does Your Garden Grow?

For those of you who are doing this Block of the Month I have a complete listing of the threads that are needed for the project listed below so that those of you with a collection of Valdani threads can pick and choose what you need. And for those of you that do not have a collection a full thread kit is being offered for $95. I did use a bunch of 3-stranded Valdani because those little stems are so small that the #12 just looks too chunky over them.

Valdani #12:
0578, 031, 199, P4, H209,893, 823, 1645, 0511, 0775, 1, 813, H205, 078, P12, H204, 0575, 8111

3-Strand: 823, H209, 199, H205, 0519, 0154, 0575, 1645

And just for kicks, I wanted to show you my garden!!! I hope all of you who are growing gardens are having a spectacular year with yours!!! Mines is growing fantastically and I am so proud of it!!

It’s full of carrots, potatoes, cucumbers for pickles, peas, dill, tomatoes, and 3different peppers!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!! I am off to work!!!
Primitive Gatherings

5 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Grow??

  1. I agree it’s a beautiful garden. It’s pretty amazing to see how a small plant, or seed grow into this bountiful garden. Thank you for sharing

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