If you would like to order your threads individually and not as a set or a full kit or are just trying to decide what to do, here is the list of threads.

0548, 0575, P2, P12, 0154, 0531

Valdani #12
0154, 1645, 0548, 1, 0575, 873, P5, P12, 0217 or 0571, P2, P9, 1643, 813, 031, 823, 1644, 135, 078, 8111, 0578, H203, V3, 199, 086, 893, H204, H210

Valdani 3-strand (use only one strand)
0578, H204, 1, 0775, 086, 893, H210

If you do decide to order individually we will ship out your order as soon as we process your order and it will be shipped separately. If you choose to order the 3 set series or the thread kit in full, that will be shipped with your Block of the Week. We want to sure that everyone gets the threads that they need and this was the best way we know how to ensure that.

Thank you, Jessica
Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop