NEW Bitty Banner BOM

Starting June 2014 we will be doing these little banners for you to put on a little banner stand. The program will run 12 months with the first month costing $20 and months 2-12 will be $15. The first month will include the Bitty Buttons needed make the banners. Patterns are included in every kit. Stands can be purchased separately for $20. Sign up today! Bitty Banner BOM



Have a wonderful day! Jessica
Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

9 thoughts on “NEW Bitty Banner BOM

  1. Hi I am looking for a Stack & Whack Primitive Gatherings pattern, it’s almost llooks like a wonky log cabin. Someone told me it is an old pattern? Do you know what book it could be in? I would really like to buy it as I want to make it for my son’s new house.
    Thanks for your help!

    1. I am sorry but I do not know of a stack and whack project that we designed. I am sorry that I could not be of better help on that one. Thank you jessica

  2. I gave signed up for this block of the month and can’t wait for it to find its way to me here in New Zealand. Would love to purchase the stand, but, think postage maybe too expensive

  3. I am doing this project and have just finished no 3 and have just realized I didn’t receive the buttons in month 1

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