Atlanta show

I forgot to mention the most important thing!!!! We are in booth 433!!! We saw a lot a familiar faces and are so happy to catch up with everyone. Thank you for coming out to see us. Here are a few pictures of the booth booth that I promised…




Hope y’all have a great rest of your week!! Jessica and Luke

14 thoughts on “Atlanta show

  1. Super Booth!! I hope you folks will come back to the Boston/Worcester Area Again!! It was nice to meet Jessica and Luke.

  2. Jess, It is always great seeing you and Luke. Thank-you for coming down for the show. We all look forward to seeing you and the Primitive Gathering booth.

  3. I love the “Welcome” wall hanging with the flower basket. went looking online at your site and couldn’t find it. Where can I find the pattern?

  4. I just love the virtual tour of your booth. Having seen your warehouse and how you have the booths all mapped out in advance prior to loading the trailer, I know how much effort you go into to have this incredible booth. Being an artist who does shows, I respect the level of professionalism you put into everything you do.

  5. Your booth looks fantastic!! I must compliment you on the frames used with the canning jar of daisies and the basket of geraniums…just lovely!

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