My Enchanted Garden BOM and a few other tidbits


Well here are the first 3 blocks laid out for My Enchanted Garden BOM. The stems in these blocks are going to be down with an #8 weight Valdani which I am going to be putting on after I sew since I am not that skilled at it yet, I gotta do a little more practicing before I do the blocks. But I needed to get the wool down so that I would be able to sew them while gone to Atlanta and lakeland in the coming weeks. This BOM will start in April and will go for 10 months and will be $22 per month. Book will be sold separately. My Enchanted Garden BOM Sign Up

Also just a reminder for Coupon Book Holders TODAY (March 1) is the only day to get 25% off the Japanese Fabric that we have finally put online for you to shop! Japanese Fabric

I hope you all have a great weekend! Jessica
Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

5 thoughts on “My Enchanted Garden BOM and a few other tidbits

  1. Definitely signing up now that I’ve seen the blocks. I wasn’t sure how the cotton fabrics you are using would look with the wool and this design, but they look wonderful,

    Will you be offering a thread kit for this as well?

    Yes we will have a thread kit as well. Because I only have the first 3 blocks down I will have a list of those threads put up soon. Otherwise you can always ask for a monthly thread kit, and we will send you the new ones each month. Thanks so much so glad you enjoy it! Jessica

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