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Coupon Book Oppsy!!! Wool Coupon!

We some how have the Wool Coupon for a Saturday and a Sunday, however we are NOT open on Sunday, so for those of you that are coming into the Shop with your Coupon Books, the sale will be on Friday February 21 & 22.

For those of you purchasing with us online, we will have the Coupon Book valid February 21-23. Wools!!!!!


The Coupon is good for all wool yardage that you purchase on that day. It does not include wool bundles, charms, scrap bags or specialty ordered textured wools (meaning those where YOU choose the color and texture to have dyed especially for you).

Please let us know if you have any questions. As always please make sure that you put your Coupon Book number and Code Word into the comment section to ensure your discount. Thank you!

Have a great day! Jessica
Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

2 thoughts on “Coupon Book Oppsy!!! Wool Coupon!

  1. Will you be attending the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show Feb 28- Mar2? Also do you have a list of “all the thread colors” you will need for the Pillow of the Month Sleeve, I want to be able see what I have or don’t have so as to purchase at the show from you or someone else. Thanks for your assistance. Ellen Turner

    I am sorry but we will not be at that show. Please email us about the threads for the Pillow Talk, Judy will be able to help you with this.

    Thank you Jessica

  2. I tried to sign up to follow your blog. It asked me to confirm and I did and was sent to a site to manage my blog account. Is that the only way to sign up? I do not want to be managed by some site. Since I am doing the BOM Houses I would like to be able to get info from your blog. Thanks.

    You should be able to just sign up for the Blog to get posts. I am unsure as to why you getting the other part. I am sorry that I am unable to help you in this. Thank you Jessica

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