Just wanted to give you all a heads up about a few things hat are happening with the Blocks of the Month and questions that we have had.


For those of you doing this great project you are starting with the February project that way ALL of you will have it done in time for February, and can hang it up! So each month after this you will get the month ahead of the month we are in. Bertie’s Year


We only have 7 spots left for these wonderful little quilts! They make perfect gifts for friends and family. Make sure you sign up today to ensure your spot! Bakers Dozen


This quilt has had an overwhelming response to it! Which makes me extremely happy that all of you loved the project that I put together. We have filled all of our spots. HOWEVER since this is a scrappy quilt, we thought we would offer it again with just some substitutions in fabric. I have 50% of the original fabric still available for the second round of blocks! and will pick out new fabrics in the same colors as the originals to use. Now just because they are subs doesn’t mean they won’t be beautiful, I just didn’t use them due to the fact that I had so many to choose from and you can’t use ALL of the fabrics…..no matter how much you would love to!! Bushel Basket

Let us know if you have any questions!! Thank you, Jessica