Bertie’s Year BOM

We have had an overwhelming response to Bertie’s Year and will be making more BOM kits. We are going to be cutting off the BOM on January 31, so make sure that you get signed up before then if you would like to join this wonderful club!!! We will be selling them individually but there will be a price increase as we give you a discount in the BOMs since you are committing to all 12 of them. They will go from $25 with the pattern in the BOM to $28 with the pattern if you buy them individually. By doing the BOM, it’s like getting one and a half projects FREE!!!! Make sure you sign up today! Bertie’s Year




3 thoughts on “Bertie’s Year BOM

  1. Is it too late to sign up for Bertie’s Year BOM

    Dottie, if you give us a call we can fit you in! We have 2 spots for sure left right now…..you will NEED to talk to Judy, she will take care of you. Thank you Jessica 920-722-7233

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