News Letter

Our Winter News Letter is on line. Check out the new classes, clubs and blocks of the month. Find something to do for the Winter monthes. Give us a call to sign up.  image

3 thoughts on “News Letter

  1. Good Morning!
    I was wondering, I for one, would appreciate if you could add a link to the store web site so it would be easy to accss all the great info you let us know about!
    For me, I have to close my email program, then open the web page, then find the wonderful article you have written about!
    Thanks, take care, Leslie

  2. How do I see what is offered in the news letter for classes and clubs? Love Primitive gatherings.

    Larry & Marg Desjardine lmdesjardine@aol.com

    Please go onto out Shop website and we have an icon on the side for our Newsletters, we also have an area where you can sign up to automatically receive them from us. primitivegatherings.us

    Thank you Jessica

  3. I agree with Leslie…I have thought this MANY times. It’s a real time waster!! There should be a link on your side bar to make it faster and easier….Now I am off to google your shop…and hopefully won’t get this blog again or Lisa’s blog in the process…that happens a lot!!
    Thanks SEW much!

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