A Rainbow Garden

Alright everyone one, I wanted to let you all know that we have 5 spots left open in this Block of the Month. I have it all finished for those of you who were waiting to see what it looked liked when it was finished before signing up. We are in the 5th month so you will need to be caught up in it, but think, that’s only 1 shipping charge instead of 5!

I will admit that I added a little something to this quilt in order to make it mine. I added 3 little butterflies in honor of Judy P. She kept calling it Butterfly Garden, so I thought wouldn’t it look awesome with some butterflies in it???

Please give us a call or sign up online today so that you are guaranteed a spot in this beautiful quilt! A Rainbow Garden






8 thoughts on “A Rainbow Garden

  1. I’ve never worked with wool and I’m new to quilting. Are these wool quilts used as wall hangings or can they be used on the bed? This quilt is lovely.

    Susan, you can totally use them on the bed! They just need to be cared for differently than all cotton quilts.

    Thank you Jessica

  2. Such a pretty quilt to be stitching on when it’s below zero temps outside! lol! Love the little butterflies! Nice touch!

  3. Looks great!! I love your butterflies. Are the flying geese part of our border kit or is that something you changed too?

    The flying geese are part of the quilt….there were suppose to be prairie points all around it as well….but I am not doing it.

    Thank you Jessica

  4. Is one spot for me to join?

    I am sorry but this BOM is closed. Thank you for your interest. We do still have patterns available if you would like to do it on your own. Thank you, Jessica

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