First Coupon of the Year!!! January 1-13

I apologize that I did not have this up for all of you yesterday!! The end of the year went by so fast that I complete forgot to put this out!!!

Pre-Cut Fat Quarters for Coupon Book holders are only $1.75!!!!!! Now of course it is going to be a little more difficult for those of you shopping with us on the internet because you won’t be seeing the ones you are getting but we have them up on the web for you to order by color.

Please remember and for those of you knew to the Coupon Book, you will NEED to put you Coupon Book NUMBER and the CODE WORD in the comment section in order for the discount to be applied.


2 thoughts on “First Coupon of the Year!!! January 1-13

  1. so how do I get a coupon book? I have made a new years resolution to work from my stash………..unless I need backing, batting or thread . You never know if I’ll work away on this wall and closet full of fabric and will need just what that months coupon is to finish off my quilt or tote. 🙂 Really you never know.

    All you need to do is go to our website, type COUPON into the search engine and it will pop up for you… Thank you for your interest, Jessica

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