End of the Year Clearance Sale!!!

Just a reminder about our end of the year clearance Sale starting December 30-January 5!!!

We will also be CLOSING at 3pm on December 31, and will be CLOSED January 1 to allow employees time to celebrate the New Year with their friends and families.

Thank you, Jessica

3 thoughts on “End of the Year Clearance Sale!!!

  1. My husband is going to want to know if I have stock in Primitive Gatherings. LOL………what’s the saying- while the cats away the mice will play? I’m having a grand time ๐Ÿ™‚ 12 days of Christmas and of course I won’t be able to pass up the end of year clearance. This is what happens when one is addicted to the gathering! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy New year to you and your family and hugs to your mom-

    Stacey Larson

  2. How do I find the end of the year clearance items online shopping ?

    Everything that I listed is on sale. We take the discount off when we send the items to you. Thank you Jessica

  3. Okay — I guess I am confused. Is the year end clearance “only” the items listed in the sale section on the website or is the entire website on sale and the discount will be calculated when you ship. If so what is the discount ?

    Thanks !

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