A little something I did up north

I am finally doing some sewing again, it’s been a busy summer and fall but I wanted to show all of you what I was doing this past weekend when I went up north to visit my grandparents. It is a quilt out of Edyta Sitar’s book Scrappy Fireworks Quilts called Bushel Basket Quilt. The blocks are 5″ square and they are all done out of Japanese homespuns and cottons. Hope you all like them!! Jessica


17 thoughts on “A little something I did up north

  1. The thing I love about homespuns – somehow everything goes! I’m currently working on one using a pattern from Primative Quilts magazine … scrappy stars … tans, reds, greens, blacks and tans… love it!

  2. I love that book. You have inspired me to work on those blocks too. Love homespuns! Love scrappy! Love to see as you progress. I never get tired of your blog!!

  3. Wow Jess you got a lot done. I love your fabric choices. Try and remember to show us again when you finish, I would love to see it. Hope you had a wonderful visit. Merry Christmas!!

  4. Jessica, I love your blocks, and I love this quilt book also!!
    Please show us your finished quilt when done ! Merry Christmas!

  5. I love the colors you chose and am intrigued. I have the book but don’t recall the pattern. After seeing your blocks, I might need to make one, also. Keep us posted on your progress and thanks for sharing. Hope you had a wonderful time visiting the grandparents.

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