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Market Goodies IV

Timeless Traditions a new pattern company from Spring Market has done it again with some great wool projects!!



8 thoughts on “Market Goodies IV

  1. Love looking at the markets goodies. Your on line shop is great! I just ordered backing fabric for a quilt that I purchased at Houston Festival. Your service is great and replies to my emails about products are fast. Your physical store is on my bucket list—I live in Nebraska so intense planning is involved

    1. Mary…
      these are patterns that we just brought home from Market….we will be making samples and then offering kits….Everything we kit we make the sample first so we are double checking the pattern and making sure the yardages are right for the kits. We would like to know which one you would like to see kitted and we will take that into account when we decide which will be kitted…so give us some time and we will have our samples done and then be offering kits online! LB

    1. Denise, your in luck. I have someone working on it and it is going to be a quick and easy block of the month as well!! Please watch for it in the beginning of the new year! Thank you Jessica

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