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Flannel Sale for Coupon Book Holders



September 10-30 is 25% off all in stock Flannels!! Here is your time to stock up on all those cozy and warm flannels, and to get backings for all those great flannel quilts that are in the Flannel Gatherings book!!! Make sure you put your JJ# and your coupon code word in the comment section to ensure you get your discount.

3 thoughts on “Flannel Sale for Coupon Book Holders

  1. Hello, I have ordered from you, but wondered about the coupon book. How would I get a book online. I am not anywhere near to come in to purchase one. If there is a charge for it, could you let me know too. I always see things, but not able to get in on the deal Thanks, Mary

    1. Girls…the coupon books are given out free with a purchase during our christmas open house the weekend after thanksgiving…then they can be purchased for $10 after that. So you might want to wait and participate in our Christmas Open House 2013…see last years posts about what it all involves and what we send you!!!

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