We just wanted to say “Thank You” to all of you who either came to our Warehouse Sale or participated with us Online! It was a great success for us, which allows us to bring NEW fabric, kits and patterns into the the Shop!

I know that not all things were available to everyone who put items in their basket who shopped Online, but THANK YOU for understanding that u fortunately some items were sold out at the time that we collected the items from the warehouse. Emily and I ran back and forth from the warehouse about every 2 hours from 7am to 3 on the Friday of the Sale so that we were able to get items out to you!!!

We kept the Post Office Busy on Friday!!! These are all the items/packages that we got out to on Friday alone!!! We had the Post Office picking up 2 times that day!!’



We just got everything back into the Shop last Thursday, and they are up on the website and organize downstairs in our basement ready to find new homes!! Take a peak and see if there are any patterns or kits you can’t live with out!!! They are perfectly on sale for you, until they are gone!!!!

Thank you Jessica