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Wool Gathers Club IV

Are you looking to build up your wool stash or just looking for some great wool? If so, I have the Club for you! Wool Gathers Club IV is a 12 month program, each month you will receive a variety of textures and hand dyed wools. You receive a total of 8 wools starting in
August that are approximately 6×7, for $15/month for 12 months!! Sign up to today to start getting these beautiful bundles!!

Please note that if you are in Wool Gathers III, this is not the club for you to resign up to continue to receive your bundles, you will receive duplicates if you do!

This is a sampling of wool bundles from the past clubs, new textures and wools will be shipped to you.
Thank you, Jessica



5 thoughts on “Wool Gathers Club IV

  1. Such beautiful, beautiful wool! I must have some for my own! I’m going to go sign up right now – immediately – before I forget or miss out. I love beautiful wool and this is beautiful wool!

  2. Hi can you confirm … If you were in Wool Gatherers I and then continued … was the next set of wools Wool Gatherers III and now am I waiting to sign up for Wool Gatherers V? Don’t want to miss out… love my monthly package!

  3. I was in the wool gatherers club last time. I recently signed up for this years club. Am I in the right group? How do I sign up for a new club. Is there a new club this year? I’m a little confused.

    1. It is the same type of club as the last one only different wools. Please give us a call at the Shop and ask for Judy she will be able to help you. Thank you, Jessica 920-722-7233

  4. Becki, please call us with your order. I can not do an order over the Blog. also please know that when you write comments all your personal info you just put on here is open to the public. I am going to delete this comment for you so that it is no long up. Thank you Jessica

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