Regarding Barbara Brackman’s Block #28 (Soldier’s Aid Nine Nine-Patch)

So sorry ladies! I was out of town, and Debbie D. kindly posted “my” blocks for me.

Sad to say, I forgot to tell her that there is NO FABRIC included in the kit that week for the center square of the nine patch!… I have a note to self to tell you all to either repeat one of the fabrics included, as on page 58, the bottom block repeats the rosy-colored fabric already used in the corners. I used a square of fabric from my stash. If you have not used up all your other fabrics from the other weeks, you could choose one of those.

One of my buddies is doing this block of the week along with all of us. She gets the kits every week like we do, but she doesn’t look at my blogged version. She is just picking and choosing on her own, and that’s just fine as well!

So, have fun with this fabric and all these blocks… we are on #28 here, and that’s more than half way done! Won’t be long, and we’ll have a pile of 50 blocks and can start making this top!

Bye for now…

Debbie S.


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