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Primary Quilts

The book that several of my girls at the Shop have been waiting for finally arrived today from Quiltmania!!! Primary Quilts by Di Ford is here, and let me tell you it was will worth the wait! Every quilt in there is absolutely gorgeous and makes me wish I was better at hand appliqué. Last year many of you saw her quilt Phebe in one of the Quiltmania magazines, well that pattern in one of the ones that is available in this book. The book will be available on our website, Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop, the book is $53.95 and worth every penny.



2 thoughts on “Primary Quilts

  1. Quiltmania’s books are always exquisite! I have about 3 and (you’re right) they are worth every penny! I’ll be ordering a copy of Primary Quilts for sure! Thanks for letting us know you have them in your shop!

  2. I have this book and love it and Phoebe is such a great quilt. Any chance you’ll be putting a kit together for that or at least some of fabric?

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