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Sneak Peak……

This is just a few of the Blocks of the Month that we have in the works for you coming this Fall 2013!! We do not have any info on them yet as we are still doing them, but as soon as we do we will be getting that information out to you. We know how anxious some of you will be wanting to add these projects to your to do list! Thank you, Jess






13 thoughts on “Sneak Peak……

  1. I bought your summer book and a few kits. Can you tell me if there is a source to learn how to reverse the pattern on to fusible? Love your patterns,

  2. GORGEOUS! That gives me even more incentive to finish some of my UFOs so that I can start one of those this fall with a clear conscience!

  3. I definitely love the first one, it is like the runner I got.
    I guess it is time to make the runner, love the basket design and hopefully I can make it without messing up, lol.


  4. Love, love, love the heart to hand! Can’t wait for dimensions!!
    Ever going to do her Merry Christmas BOM again? I saw the sample in your shop when I visited. To die for! I love her patterns. They take 2nd only to Lisa’s 🙂

    1. Thanks for the complement!! We love Lisa’s patterns too!! Unfortunately we no longer have the Sam era bricks used in the Merry Christmas BOM……look for new BOMs soon!

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