new patterns

New patterns from market!!!


Check out some of the wonderful new patterns from Buttermilk Basin! We have a block of the month in the works with one of her series of designs…..we will be revealing that in a couple months!!!

11 thoughts on “New patterns from market!!!

  1. Do you have direct deposit set up for your customers? I think I need to just have my pay check sent directly to you! I love everything you post. You are one of my favorites, that is for sure.

    1. Lol! We do not have direct deposits set up for customers yet…. I can talk to Lisa and see what we can do for you! Thank you so much for the compliment….we live hearing them, and love that you love what we do for you! Thank you Jess

  2. Lisa, your choices are perfect for those of us that love your kits and ideas. Thanks for all you and your staff do! So looking forward to seeing you in Houston!

    Miss Kitty

  3. These patterns are SO cute! I have enjoyed the other Buttermilk Basin patterns that I ordered from you.

  4. Will you be doing a BOM for Buttermilk Basin’s new “Live Simply”? I noticed another store has it advertised as a BOM already, but I don’t want to get theirs if you are doing the same BOM. I’d much rather buy it from you!

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