Northeast Wisconsin Quilters Marathon April 25-May 4

Come and pick up your Race Program tomorrow and start RACING!! At each Shop you will get a pattern and background fabric for an 8 ” block, a stamp on your program and SPECIAL SALES in each Shop! There are prizes for all levels of the Race, you only have to visit 3 out of the 33 Shops participating in the Race to be qualified for something!! Everyone who completes 10 Shops is eligible for the Grand Prize a $250 Shopping Spree at the Shop of your choice. If you complete 20 or more Shops you will be eligible for an additional prize!! Come in and enjoy the fun at all the Shops participating there is something different at each Shop! The Race starts April 25 and goes for a week and a half ending on May 4!
Hope to see you soon! Jessica

One thought on “Northeast Wisconsin Quilters Marathon April 25-May 4

  1. Took a class from Lisa this past fall At Grubers. Her shop sounded so fun we decided to do a road trip this weekend and just found out about your race this’ll make it even more fun we are coming from the Minneapolis area hope to see you on Friday

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