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Civil War Sampler-Block 13- London Square


Here we are in week 13 already. We are a quarter of the way through! We have been enjoying this block of the week and cant wait to show you the finished quilts. Hope you have been keeping up. This was a great project because it doesn’t consume to much time during your week but will be awesome when put all together!!! Hope everybody has a great week and hopefully we warm up here in Wisconsin.

6 thoughts on “Civil War Sampler-Block 13- London Square

  1. Hello.  I just got a different computer, was going to go back and pick up the archived blocks.  Aren’t there instructions with these?  Did I miss something like need to get a book or so to a different site for instructions for the Civil War blocks?  Can you bring this old lady up to date on what I need to do, Please?  Thank you so much.  Patty


    1. You need to have the book “Civil War Sampler” by Barbara Brackman. It gives the cutting instructions in there.

    2. Patty, if you are just following along with us while we do this Block of the Month, you will have to get the Civil War Sampler Book by Barbara Brackman. That is where all these blocks come from. Thank you jessica

      1. Thank you, I have ordered the book but for some reason I just a bit off course. Nothing new. Thanks again Jessica, Patty

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