Coupon Book

2012 Coupon Book Winners!!!

Thanks to all of you who support our shop monthly by using your coupons from our coupon book!!! Now to announce the winners…we give away $100, $200 and $500 gift cards to whomever’s name is picked according to how many coupons they used in 2012!!!

Last year we decided to have winners for online and winners for those who can walk in the store…

On-line Winners are as follows:

Barbara Pavlas , Cypress TX $500 Gift Card

Susan Brown, Crown Point , IN $200 Gift Card

Kathy Barton, Georgetown, KY $100 Gift Card

FYI: If you were qualified for a larger prize and didn’t win, we still left in for the small prizes…

All of the winners please contact Judy P. at Primitive Gatherings….920-722-7233 or email at:, email is preferred…

In-Shop Winners are as follows: Stop in to get your gift card!!!

Beverly Heisler $500 We only had two persons who completed all of the for the $500 drawing, so we decided to give a conciliation prize to Pat Streim who was the other person who completed all of the coupons…

Karen Van Offeren $200

Carla Peeterman $100


Sorry this is a little late…I have been caught up in my quilting!!! lol….you all understand that…right?

If you want to participate in the 2013 Coupon book…which was given out free during out Christmas Open House…You can purchase it for $10 on our site here? It is still well worth the ten bucks!!! Coupon Book Here

I can’t post something without a picture… is me working on Flannel Gatherings….there might be a little wool mixed in with those lovely flannels!!!  I need a clean up crew!  Thanks again for all of you who participate in our yearly coupon promotion!!! Lisa Bongean


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