It’s T-Time


It’s time again. Join Debbie D. this Saturday for a free demo. It will be at 10:15 and the demo this week will be Instant Antique! Learn how to use this spray product on projects that you want to get that old fashion look, or to tone down a fabric that is a little bright. It is a great product to have on hand. During the demo you will receive 25% off a bottle.
See you Saturday!!!
Debbie D.

7 thoughts on “It’s T-Time

  1. Any chance this demo could be put on UTube? I bought a bottle from you last year and live in South Australia, so won’t be able to get to the store…although would love to visit one day.

  2. Even though I’ll not be able to attend the demo, I’m thrilled to learn about this product! It’s a must for those who do restoration!
    I’ll be looking for it on your site.

  3. I purchased a bottle at the Road to California Quilt Show in January. I tried it on a scrap of fabric just to see how dark/light it is. I don’t know if my pump is defective but when I sprayed it I got big blotches of color and then a finer spray. Has anyone else had this problem? I would prefer the fine spray….


    1. fran…you need to saturate the fabric and let it dry..so after a few pumps it should not blotch and like I said you need to saturate the fabric to get good results….I think it blotches because the pump has never been used…

  4. Thanks Lisa….The bottle just says shake well, spray and let dry, nothing about saturating the fabric! I did use it on dry fabric, so I will saturate and try again now that I know it was “operator error”!

    Thanks for the heads up…

  5. I would also love to see the demo on line. Love your work and all that you do. Hey, Want to buy a quilt shop in Indiana? It’s right up your alley!!!!

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