gadget class

First gadget class of the year!!!!

Please join Cindy on saturday february 2, at 10:30 a.m. for a lesson in how to use a Hera Marker. If you ever wanted learn how not to use those blue and white pens on your fabric when you are quilting this is your chance. Anyone who comes to the class will receive a discount on the tool for attending.



5 thoughts on “First gadget class of the year!!!!

  1. This would make for a great YouTube video for those of us several states away! I don’t know one person who uses this tool … which from Lisa’s 12 days of Christmas tips seems like a great little gadget!

  2. I bought one at the quilt show in Ontario and asked the lady if she knew how to use it for marking quilt tops. She didn’t! Please please post a how-to video on you tube for us poor kids who don’t get to come to your shop! I would love to see all the classes you offer!

  3. I agree with Carol – – I wish I lived closer so I could come to these classes. Somehow driving over 6 hours doesn’t make sense! Love you blogs!

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