Weekend find

Had a little fun this weekend thrift shopping and had to share with you all what I found for a grand total of $50!!!!! I think its a steal! 1940’s glassware called Buttons and Bows. It’s not considered ‘true’ depression era glass, for obvious reasons…….but from reading online supposedly some people do. Can’t wait to find more of these!




12 thoughts on “Weekend find

  1. Isn’t it funny how so many quilters are thrifters and DIYers? Actually it is very serious business! Your new collection is gorgeous. Good luck on the hunt for more.

  2. Great find. I have an extensive collection of floral/poinsettia pattern depression and love it. It is always so fun to make a good thrift shop find. One man’ s trash…….

  3. hi Lisa, saw you at the show, what thrift store were you at? At least you have a truck to take all your stuff back!

  4. Oooooo! Pretty! I’m always searching for interesting vintage glass, whether it be bottles, bowls, dishes, glassware.. just love the unusual stuff!

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