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Wool SALE for coupon book holders!!!

Coupon book holders have we got the coupon for you!!!! This is probably one of the most loved by all of you!!! Wool sale is January 25-26 so If you don’t have a coupon book you can get one on our website, Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop
25% off all in stock wool yardage…1/8, 1/4, 1/2′ and 1 yard cuts. This promotion does NOT include wool charms, bundles or specialty wools….meaning those that need to be specially dyed for you. Please make sure you put BOTH your coupon book number and your code for the coupon being used in the comment section, if we do not have both we will not be able to process your order with the discount.
Happy wool hunting, I know you all can find some great wools on our site!! Thank you Jessica



2 thoughts on “Wool SALE for coupon book holders!!!

  1. Silly question…what is the size of 1 yard of wool? Is it the same as a yard of fabric (36″ x roughly 42″)? If not, can you share what size it is and also what size a 1/2 yard is?

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