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Barbara Brackman’s Civil War Sampler Week #4


“Catch Me if You Can” is the block for Week 4. Red White and Blue…. Patriotic! Are you keeping up? Hopefully, you in the last part of the alphabet have received your blocks!!! If you have completed your blocks, shoot us an email with a photo of them… Especially if you have used the fabric in a different way than I have. Thanks! Deborah (and Debbie)


4 thoughts on “Barbara Brackman’s Civil War Sampler Week #4

    1. Hello I am Ann and living in Belgium because of a broken ankle I started to quilt I am new one to all this. My questions are when and where can I order everything to follow these patterns or how much fabric I need to making this Civil War Quilt ? I was reading earlier that the fabrics are not available anymore. I have fabrics at home but doesn’t know if I have enough. Kindly regards Ann

      1. You can find our stuff on our website Our Civil War Sampler Quilt is still a block of the month that you are able to get, we just don’t have the fabric available on the bolts anymore. The pieces that everyone is getting are fat 1/8th cut in half and about 4-6 per block, in which you will have some left in each month to use for other months as well. Hope this helps, thank you jessica

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