12 days of Christmas Items….

For those of you who ordered some of Lisa’s 12 Days of Christmas items, due to overwhelming response to them, we are still waiting on a few items.  If you ordered any of the mats, travel iron, embroidery snips or the circle template we are still waiting on getting some of those items in. As soon as we get them in we will be able to get your orders out to you. Thank you so much for understanding. thank you, jessica


3 thoughts on “12 days of Christmas Items….

  1. Thank you for letting us know! I ordered them and was wondering. Figured you had plenty of orders on these. I can’t wait to try out that iron 😀

  2. Sent from Judy’s I Pad

    Jessica Does this mean the scissors I won? Sorry I wasn’t,t sure that your notes includes those who won in the drawings. Sory for being so dense

    Judy Galligan

    1. Judy, all things won on Lisa’s blog were taken care of by her. She had then all ready before she offered them as prizes. You should have your scissors already sent to you. Thank you Jessica

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