I hope everyone had an absolutely wonderful Christmas with their Family and Friends! I know I did!  It was so much fun just to get everyone together and sit around and talk about Christmas’ Past, and the bake and cook and just have a wonderful time playing games and such.

I am so excited for the coming year as my parents gave me some money to finish my 3rd Floor in my house, which I have been wanting to do since I bought the house a year ago.  It spans the whole length of the house and has a hidden staircase in one of my bedrooms on the second floor…..it is going to make a WONDERFUL sewing room, with built in storage units….OH I CAN”T WAIT!!! I am so lucky to have a Dad that in handy with tools and is able to help me build this room!

As usual we forgot to move a few things in to the SALE section of our Clearance sale.   I knew this was going to happen, and as I was walking around the Shop putting up signs, I remembered a few.  Oops!

All in stock Gift Items (excluding the mugs) are on sale for 25% off.  Along with a few kits that I have added, Aunt Maggies, Civil War March, Cottage Stars and Sue’s Sampler.