End of the Year Clearance Sale

We hope you all are ready for Christmas and have everything wrapped and under the Tree that you need too. I am pretty sure that right about now my dad is looking at the Christmas tree and thinking, there just doesn’t seem like there is enough under the tree, and will go back out to get a few more gifts to make the Christmas Tree seem “full” under neath!! As kids my brother and I knew that is what he did, so each year we would try to find a bigger tree! Which isn’t hard to do when you have cathedral ceilings to work with! And every year there would be tons of movies and Legos under the tree, after unwrapping all the presents it would be a Lego and Movie -a-thon. I loved those days, they are some of my most cherished memories.

Tuesday will be a family filled day of getting our stockings, a few presents, family and dogs running around trying to get into their presents, and lots of food! I can’t wait! Those memories are the best!!!

I know all of you are wondering what we are going to have on clearance(dec 24-dec 31). So here it is: 25% off in stock full price Notions, books, patterns, fabric yardages and wool yardages!! Make sure you stock up on your wool, as of January 1, wool prices will unfortunately being going up in accordance to the price of wool going up for us. There will be a few exceptions as always to the discounts, valdani and valdani threads kits and dovo scissors, and specially dyed wools will not be able to get a discount.

Have a wonderful Holiday everyone!! thank you jlh

One thought on “End of the Year Clearance Sale

  1. Merry Christmas, Lisa. My husband is driving me the 3 1/2 hours up on Wednesday to your sale. Can’t wait. Enjoy time with family.

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