Christmas is almost Here!!

We have our White Christmas that we all hope for and expect in Wisconsin! We had an “adult snow day” as my sister-in-law called it.  We had 14″ of snow yesterday and were unable to come into work.  So if you called, we were not ignoring you, we just were not here! I used the day to sleep, and rest my voice in hopes that I feel better for Christmas, it has been a long 2 weeks of being sick. I am ready to move on from it and start to celebrate! It is no fun being sick!

Our newsletter is up with some NEW blocks of the month on it for the coming year. Along with some FUN classes if you live in the area.  We will also be adding 2 Saturdays a month of with demonstrations with gadgets, showing the different ways that you can use them and how to make your life a little more easier when doing certain aspects of quilting.

Just a reminder, next week we will be closed on December 24 and 25, so we can all enjoy  some family time.  We will be back open our regular hours on Wednesday for our End of the Year Clearance sale.  It will begin on December 24 for those of you that are ordering.  The Shop Blog will post on the 23rd with everything that will be on sale.

We will also be closed Monday and Tuesday of the following week for New Years, so that will be December 31 and January 1.

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday with your family and friends! Thank you for everything, Jlh

6 thoughts on “Christmas is almost Here!!

  1. Hi, as always love your posts but I wish they included links to your website and to the newsletter you mention here. Can you add them or suggest easy way to go from one to the other… thanks for your posts! Merry Christmas!

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