You only need to wait 2 more days until everything is set in motion for you all to start ordering your great freebies, kits and coupon books. We wish that all of you would be able to join us here at the Shop for our Open House, I know there are many that can’t so we would like you to feel like you are here and will be posting pictures of the whole Shop up on the Blog tomorrow night…..Here is a sneak peak at our display when you walk into the Shop.  We hope that you enjoy everything, it was a labor of love for everyone to do.

We will have some great little mugs available for purchase with little gifty items on the inside, they would make awesome gifts for all of your quilting friends!!

5 thoughts on “2 DAYS!

  1. You do a great decorating job. It makes it all the more fun and inspirational for people to shop! I’m so far away, I’ll have to be content for the eye candy and shopping in your store via email! Thank you for all you do for your customers!

  2. It all looks so beautiful! I sure wish I lived closer! Thank you for the online opportunities to take part in the festivities and sales and freebies! xoxo Happy Thanksgiving.

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