T minus 3 days…….

Thanksgiving Open House Ordering is almost upon us!!!  You can start to place your orders from Thanksgiving day to Sunday November 25.  Debbie and I were here most of the day yesterday getting the Shop in order and getting all of our decorating up and ready to go.  We have  a Trunk Show up from Shawn with THREADS THAT BIND, above our fireplace and our island in the middle of our wool room is topped with a great display…..I know I am only giving you teasers here, but we want to reveal it all to you on Thanksgiving.

Please make sure that you put the Coupon Book into your Basket if you would like it, this is different than years past. If you do not want the Coupon Book, you will still get ALL the freebies included in our Thanksgiving Give Away.  jlh

2 thoughts on “T minus 3 days…….

  1. Wish I did t live soooo far, and having a houseful of family , that I love. I would definetly be there first thing. Sounds like it is going to be beautiful .. Good luck to everyone.. Maggey

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