Evelyn’s Album

For those of you who were in the Block of the Week this past Summer, the first 250 Finishing kits went out this past weekend.  You will find the number that you were assigned on your 12th block right after your name.  The rest of the Finishing kits will roll out in October.

Those of you who were waiting for your background fabric should all have yours by Oct 1.  If you do not have it by then, please give me a call, but by my records everyone should have them. But I have been known to make mistakes so just let me know.  Thank you to all of you who were patient with us on the fabric, I know it took longer than expected.  But thank you for understanding.

My Favorite Things….Freebie finishing kits will also roll out in a second wave next week.  Our copier is FINALLY up and working and we have lift off it getting them out to you next week.

My Birthday is tomorrow 9-28, so I will be gone tomorrow, but I will work on getting the My Favorite Things Kits out to you on Monday.

Thank you again to all of you who participated in our Summer Block of the Week Program, we hope that you had fun and will join us again next year in seeing what Lisa Stitches Up for all of us to enjoy.  jlh



14 thoughts on “Evelyn’s Album

  1. Happy Birthday Lisa! I am very excited to get started on Evelyn’s Album. The colors are lucious. Can you give us an idea of how many spools of thread you used for each of 2 colors? I have no place close that carries the pearl cotton in the colors I need.

  2. we share the same birthday…. i am celebrating mine by going to olive garden for lunch and then acorn threads (a wonderful store with all kinds of x-stitch and so many different yarns and threads) and the my favorite wool store pendleton… that’s where i can get lots of black wool for little money….. i love your posts….

    carole crawford


  3. I loved the BOW this summer and the freebie was fabulous. I will have my name on the list for next year as soon as you even give a hint of doing it again in 2013. I will be patient and wait however I can’t say I won’t be asking when the winter says “goodbye”. The finishing kits are wonderful likewise the instructions. Once I found out it wasn’t rocket science things went well fo rme. I hope to send a picture of my freebie quilt next week, it is of course My Favorite!!!!!
    Liz Armstrong
    Arlington Heights, Il

    1. I really enjoyed the BOW and the freebies were great too. Instructions were just great. Can’t wait till next year. Thanks for the Canadian flag and thinking of us too.


  4. Is it too late to still get the freeby finishing kit for the “my favorite things” quilt?  If so, please let me know what to do. 

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