Crazy Quilt Class

Have you always wanted to learn how to do those AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL crazy quilts or mats?? We have the class for you.  It was suppose to start in September but we needed to push back the start date of the Crazy Quilt Class with Joanne to October. If you are still interested in Joining and have not please call or come into the Shop, and sign up.  You haven’t missed anything yet!! Please check out the Newsletter on what all Joanne will be teaching!!!

5 thoughts on “Crazy Quilt Class

  1. Is this class for an applique type crazy quilt (using wool) like in a previous class that you offered or is it for the old-fashioned fabric type of crazy quilt?


  2. I need to order some pieces of wool, I have five samples to match. I know it is PG wool but I can’t remember the color names and my computer isn’t exactly accurate on color. May I please send the samples along with a note, will you then send it to me? I notice your last note said you weren’t shipping and didn’t give a date or time when you would. How does one make an order if your aren’t shipping.? As a customer I kinda thought you didn’t want the business or something. I was a BOW customer so you do have my charge number. Please advise when I can send the order by snail mail and to whom should it be addressed? Thanks,
    Liz Armstrong Arlington Hts, Il.

    1. Liz…
      we would be glad to ship your wool from swatches…I don’t know what your are referring to about us NOT Shipping…I think that meant there would be no shipping the weekend Jess’s brother got married????
      Send the swatches to the shop and they will get your order in if we do not have them dyed already!!!


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