I know its hard to believe colder weather is just around the corner, but it is!!!!  I know I am looking forward to Fall, but definitely NOT winter!!  I am so ready to snuggle up under  one of  my cozy flannel quilts and read a good book.  Here is your chance to get once ready for you or a loved one at a great price.  Lisa has decided to put her Wool and Needle Flannel Quilts on SALE so that YOU can get ready for the cooler months coming up!  Prices will be reflected on your receipt, not on the web at this time. Our web master is in the process of helping her daughter, son-in-law and grandkids move into their new house and has a couple well deserved days off.  thank you jlh

Rockstar $100.00 kit and pattern
Ohio Barn Star
Ohio Barn Star: $75.00 kit and pattern
Lonely Streets
Lonely Streets: $100.00 kit and pattern
Big Red
Big Red: $115.00 kit and pattern

2 thoughts on “FLANNEL QUILT SALE

  1. I have tried everything I can think of to bring up wool & needle flannel quilt kits and it brings up all sort of random things. How on earth do you figure out what is on sale?

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