Evelyn’s Album Finishing kit

PLEASE….note that if you have not received your BLOCK 12, you will be getting it this week with your Freebie Finishing kit.  On BLOCK 12 is where you will be finding the number for your Evelyn’s Album Finishing kit if we have you signed up for it before August 19th. It will not appear on any other of the Blocks only on BLOCK 12.  Thank you


6 thoughts on “Evelyn’s Album Finishing kit

  1. I would like to sign up for the freebie finishing kit if it isn’t too late.  I didn’t know that it was available.  Thank you.

    Kathy Thomason PO Box 344 DeMotte, IN  46310

  2. Hi,

    I am on the road and my kits are being sent to my father-inlaws house. I did order both finishing kits I believe before August 18. Mailing them together would be great. I have no idea what number is on block 12. I have enjoyed working on the block of the week this summer. Thank you.

    Nancy Ward

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. My order was dated 6/27. Order number is 4154503. Don’t have a clue about number on block 12. Recycled bag when i was done with block. Just checking to make sure I am in the queue to receive. Thx.

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